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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is deLight player?

Use deLight player to experience your augmented reality in 3D. Currently, deLight-player is available for Windows.

  • What files can I play with deLight player?

deLight player works with .deLight-files. A .deLight-file contains 3D models and markers.

  • How can I edit the .deLight-file?

You need mARk software to edit .deLight-files. It is not possible to change a .deLight-file with deLight player.

  • How can I make my own .deLight-files?

You need mARk software to create new .deLight-files. It is not possible to create a .deLight-file with deLight player.

  • Can I use deLight player for commercial purposes?

The answer is no. Downloading deLight player comes with a non-commercial license only.

  • How to solve any problems?

If you experience any errors with the software, or you have a question, please let us know via the contactform on the right.

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